Sectional Doors

Industrial sectional door made of sandwich panels with a thickness of 40mm, lined with pre-painted steel and insulated with high density polyurethane foam (40kg.m3)

Sliding is done by zinc-plated steel guides thus ensuring reliability, durability, handling fluidity and low noise.

Standard Version

1. Structure: built with galvanized steel profiles
2. Panel: covered with pre-painted and galvanized steel sheet, insulated with high
density polyurethane foam, the thickness is 40 mm
3. Inner handle
4. Locking: side latch

The main options available:
1. Acrylic porthole: oval in shape, dimensions 665×345 mm
2. Automation: 220 V power supply; Electric power 0.25 kW; BFT brand (company present in more than 120 countries around the world), ARGO type with side motor powered by 24 V; the shutdown of the shareholder and the partial closure are controlled by means of technology with absolute encoder; station with button, open / stop / close commands
3. Winch: with the pulley for manual opening / closing
4. 800 or 1,200 mm wide pedestrian door: available for doors with a minimum
height of 2,000 mm and maximum width of 5,500 mm, both with steps
h = 130 mm and with a reduced one h = 17 mm

Sectional doors comply with the EN 13241-1 regulation and are equipped with a parachute-type safety system, necessary in the event of a spring or cable failure.
Automation of 55 Nm (for the surface of 20 m²) or 80 Nm (for the surface> 20 m² and ≤ 35 m²) is available for all versions.
Travel stop and partial shutdown are driven by absolute encoder technology.
Sectional doors were tested with strength tests of over 200,000 opening / closing cycles.