Cold Rooms


Depending on your needs, Cold Techic Group designs and executes the cold rooms taking into account the products to be stored, the quantity and temperature required.



    Design and execution can be done both in existing spaces or in new constructions.
    The walls and ceiling of the cold rooms are made of thermal insulation panels made of polyurethane with different thicknesses depending on the temperature needed inside:
    1. for storage rooms of refrigerated products (0 ° C… ..4 ° C), panels with a thickness of 80 mm are used;
    2. to keep frozen products (-18 ° C room temperature), panels with a thickness of 150 mm are used;
    3. for applications involving rapid freezing (room temperature up to -35 ° C), panels with a thickness of 200 mm are used
    For refrigerated spaces with temperatures between -18 ° C and -36 ° C, it is also necessary to insulate the floor.